Welcome to Cherith Point

Cherith Point Education and Youth Development Initiative is a youth-centered organization committed to empowering Young people with the Educational opportunities, Tools, Training and Environment appropriate to realize their full potentials. The organization’s aim is to “build the skills, experience and confidence of young people to effect positive change in their communities” while the heart of our program is life skills and technology training, which we provide in¬ a safe, respectful, and celebratory atmosphere. We train our youth in state-of-the art computer application. We embark on career development programs to propel peak performance in young people. WE also address many health issues concerning young people. It is our goal that youth who have attended our program will be more independent in their learning and move forward with confidence in their future. Cherith Point’s operations and programming is rooted in 4 core principles.


Our Vision

Empowering Young people with the Educational opportunities, ICT skills, tools, training and conducive environment appropriate to realize their full potentials ..

Our Mission

To create a platform for young people to realize their full potential. We achieve this through engaged learning, organizing programs, providing trainings, and youth center to enhance the lives of young people. We also partner with other organization with similar values and beliefs to help young people succeed in life.

We develop learning solutions that transform to a success story for every student and also offer appropriate services in support of learner development



  • Ignite new interests and ideas on inmate’s while satisfying current curiosities.


  • Encourage empowerment and personal expression through technology


  • Develop life skills, office management, and other technical competencies, while exploring relevant software and curriculum. Also, to be an Education volunteer in providing educational resource and continue educational opportunities for young people.


  • Illustrate how technology can impact our world and further encourage the tradition of innovation.


We believe in transforming lives through learning.

We believe in providing learning solutions characterized by innovation and creativity.

We believe that a strong team including parents, teachers, counsellors, administrators and special education personnel working together with students will support them in achieving their goals.


C – Choice, making positive choice
H – Honest achievement
E – Excellence, doing our best
R – Rigour in our work
I – Inspiring learning
T – Transforming lives
H – Helping others