Career Development

Cherith Point career development programme is aimed at helping young people discover themselves through a positive career choice guidance process. People acquire their preferences through a variety of learning experiences; beliefs about themselves and the nature of their world emerge through direct and indirect education experiences. They take action on the basis of their beliefs using learned skills.

More recently, is the development and integrating ideas about the role of chance (happenstance) in career decision making. Cherith point career development initiative seeks to understand the following; why students enter particular educational course or jobs; why they may change direction during their lives; and why they may express various preferences for different activities at different points in their lives. At the heart of this cherith point career development programme is the Social Learning which provides the following positive choice making

Our “IDEA”


  • Results from direct experience when an individual is positively associated cognitive abilities and skills.


  • Results from direct experience together with our youth counselor and consequent reinforcement when each member empathies.


At cherith point individuals learn new behaviors’ and skills in a team by observing the behaviors of others or by gaining new information and ideas through role modeling and media technological approach. The youth awards follow each career development conferences which come up at the end of each conference and runs quarterly in a year.