Leadership Program

Our Extended Leadership program for all students is designed to help young people to develop personal leadership, Entrepreneurial, peaceful coexistence and good governance skills.

The program includes

  1. Peace and conflict Studies Programme to help students develop the knowledge, skills and values that empower them to resolve conflicts peacefully both at the interpersonal and global level.

2.Entrepreneurship programme to introduce students to the nature of business and entrepreneurship as the vehicle for wealth creation and a powerful and influential force to change the world .

3.Good governance programme to promote a culture of good governance and integrity, respect human right and principle of inclusion and participation.


Since Inception, Jsay Prevarsity has given awards and scholarship to over 50 students at different level of education, to less-privileged and Outstanding students to pursue the Education at Jsay PREVARSITY

Our students come from Nigeria, West Africa and other part of the globe, We have students from Kenya, Congo, Ghana, South-Africa, Uk , USA among others.

Many of our students  continue to  make positive impact and excel in there career all over the world.