The leadership training course was inspired by the need to provide transformative education of the whole person through engaged learning to maximize students’ potential to be successful in life. Right from birth each and every one of us has displayed a leadership role in the choices we all make consciously or unconsciously at our own individual level of exposure, encounter and experiences.

We can find leadership in every type of work and play, and in every sort of adventure and project regardless of age, time, scale, circumstances and regardless of financial or official authority. We lead when take responsibility of ourselves or our families. We lead when we manage a football team or teach a classroom of children. We lead our own children as parents, and we lead when we organize anything. We lead when we manage projects, or develop a new business. We certainly lead the moment we take the first supervisory responsibility at work, and we may lead even before we assume official responsibility to do anything.

A pastor or reverend leads a congregation. A writer or visionary may lead when he or she puts pen to paper and creates a book, or poem, or article which inspires and moves others to new thoughts and actions. A prince, a peasant, a president, a monarch are all leaders. So is also a class prefect and a local councilor. A ruthless dictator is a leader. So was mother Theresa and so is the Principal.

And equally the students this was designed for. It is motivated by our core values for a healthy self-esteem, self-awareness, positive choice making, excellence and honest achievement through the discovery of innate potentials. Cherith Point “A” student leadership programme course is designed to inspire, impact learning through delivering training courses, facilitated and taught by in-house instructors in an environment that allows you to withdraw from the distractions of the outside world.