Rehabilitation Program

Cherith point rehabilitation programme is born out of the passion to provide multi-dimensional educational opportunities for inmates upon release to drastically reduce the risk of recidivism. Research shows that continued education helps keep inmates from returning to prison. Studies show that inmates who took college courses while incarcerated were three times more likely to stay out of trouble upon release.

We believe any one can pursue education, including inmates and ex-convicts. So we convince them to take charge of their education instead of counting off days in the cell, encourage them to volunteer in teaching other inmates. Access to education can change an inmate’s life, and provide skilled labor for youths.

Education uplifts the human spirit, propels knowledge and understanding and improves the quality of lives for their families. Some of the educational opportunities we provide for inmates include, career guidance, coaching, mentoring, counseling and vocational skills acquisition and help them conduct research on available schools based on the inmate’s capabilities. Cherith Point’s operations and programming is rooted in 4 core principles;

Our “IDEA”


  • Ignite new interests and ideas on inmate’s while satisfying current curiosities.


  • Encourage empowerment and personal expression through technology


  • Develop life skills, office management, and other technical competencies, while exploring relevant software and curriculum. Also to be an Education volunteer in providing educational resource and continue educational opportunities for young people.


  • Illustrate how technology can impact our world and further encourage the tradition of innovation.